Arizona Revised Statutes § 5-398.02 Records Of Convictions And Judgments; Abstract Of Record; Reports

5-398.02. Records of convictions and judgments; abstract of record; reports

A. Each magistrate, judge or hearing officer of a court shall:

1. Keep or cause to be kept a record of each violation of this article deposited with or presented to the court.

2. Keep a record of each official action by the court in reference to each violation of this article deposited with or presented to the court, including but not limited to a record of:

(a) Each conviction, forfeiture of bail or deposit or judgment of acquittal.

(b) The amount of the penalty, fine or forfeiture resulting from each complaint deposited with or presented to the court.

B. Within ten days after the conviction, judgment or forfeiture of bail or deposit of a person on a charge of violating this article, each magistrate of the court or clerk of the court of record in which the conviction or judgment was had or bail or deposit was forfeited shall prepare and immediately forward to the department of transportation an abstract of the record of the court covering the case in which the person either:

1. Was convicted.

2. Was adjudicated to have committed a violation.

3. Forfeited bail or deposit.

C. The person required to prepare the abstract shall certify that it is true and correct.

D. The abstract shall be made on a form furnished or in a manner prescribed by the department of transportation and shall include:

1. The name and address of the party charged.

2. The number, if any, of the driver license, permit or identification license of the party charged.

3. The nature of the offense or violation.

4. The disposition or whether bail or deposit was forfeited.

5. The amount of the fine, penalty or forfeiture.

E. The department of transportation shall keep all abstracts received under this section for inspection as required by law.

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Last modified: October 13, 2016