Arizona Revised Statutes § 6-421 Access To Books And Records; Communication With Members

6-421. Access to books and records; communication with members

A. Every member or holder of capital shall have the right to inspect such books and records of the association as pertain to his account. Otherwise, the right of inspection and examination of the books and records shall be limited to the superintendent, as provided in this chapter, and to any federal instrumentality or agency authorized to inspect or examine the books and records of an insured association, and no other person shall have access to the books and records or shall be entitled to a list of the members, except upon express authority of the board of directors.

B. If any member desires to communicate with the other members of the association with reference to any question pending or to be presented at a meeting of the members, the association shall give him upon request a statement of the approximate number of members entitled to vote at such meeting and an estimate of the cost of preparing and mailing such communication. The requesting member then shall submit the communication to the superintendent who, if he finds it to be appropriate and truthful, shall direct that it be prepared and mailed to the members, upon the requesting member's payment or adequate provision for payment of the expenses of such preparation and mailing.

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Last modified: October 13, 2016