Arizona Revised Statutes § 6-502 Reports And Examinations

6-502. Reports and examinations

A. The superintendent shall examine or cause to be examined each credit union at periodic intervals as provided by section 6-122. The superintendent shall forward a report of the examination to the board of directors of the credit union examined within thirty days after completion of the report. Within thirty days after the receipt of the report the directors shall meet to consider matters contained in the report.

B. In lieu of the examination required by subsection A of this section, the superintendent may accept an examination or audit report of the condition of a credit union made by the national credit union administration or by a certified public accountant licensed in this state or other qualified person or organization approved by the superintendent. The credit union shall bear the cost of any such examination or audit. A certified public accountant or other qualified person or organization making an audit to be submitted in lieu of an examination by the superintendent shall obtain prior approval from the superintendent before conducting such an audit. In approving such an audit the superintendent may prescribe minimum requirements for the audit including the date by which the audit must be completed and a copy filed with the superintendent.

C. Within thirty days after the end of each calendar quarter a credit union shall report to the superintendent, on forms supplied by the superintendent for that purpose, its financial condition and the results of its operation for such quarter.

D. Unless excused for cause before or after the due date, a credit union which fails to file a report when due shall pay the department, as assessed, up to one hundred dollars for each day of delinquency.

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Last modified: October 13, 2016