Arizona Revised Statutes § 6-516 General Powers

6-516. General powers

A. In addition to the powers prescribed elsewhere in this chapter and except as prohibited by law, a credit union may:

1. Enter into contracts of any nature.

2. Sue or be sued.

3. Adopt, use and display a corporate seal.

4. Acquire, lease, hold, assign, pledge, hypothecate, sell, discount or otherwise dispose of property or assets, either in whole or in part, necessary or incidental to its operations.

5. Borrow money from any source, except that a credit union shall obtain the prior written approval of the superintendent to borrow in excess of an aggregate of fifty per cent of its capital.

6. Purchase the assets of another credit union.

7. Offer financial services incidental to the business of a credit union, including electronic fund transfers, safe deposit boxes and leasing and correspondent arrangements with other financial institutions.

8. Hold membership in other credit unions organized under this chapter or other laws, in the Arizona credit union league or in other associations and organizations controlled by or fostering the interests of credit unions.

9. Engage in activities and programs offered by any governmental unit that are incidental or reasonably related to credit union activities.

10. Act as fiscal agent for and receive payments on share and deposit accounts from a governmental unit.

11. Make contributions to any nonprofit civic, charitable or service organizations.

B. A credit union may exercise all incidental powers that are convenient, suitable or necessary to enable it to promote or carry out its purposes.

C. A credit union shall not delegate the management of a credit union or the exercise of any power set forth in this section to any person who is not an officer, director or employee of the credit union without the prior written approval of the superintendent. The superintendent may examine the books, records and business affairs of any person or entity to whom the credit union proposes to delegate any such authority.

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Last modified: October 13, 2016