Arizona Revised Statutes § 8-245 Physical And Mental Care

8-245. Physical and mental care

A. When a child under the jurisdiction of the juvenile court appears to be in need of medical or surgical care, the juvenile court may order the parent, guardian or custodian to provide treatment for the child in a hospital or otherwise. If the parent, guardian or custodian fails to provide the care as ordered, the juvenile court may enter an order therefor, and the expense, when approved by the juvenile court, shall be a county charge. The juvenile court may adjudge that the person required by law to support the child pay part or all of the expenses of treatment in accordance with section 8-243.

B. A county with a population of more than one million persons shall pay claims approved by the county from a facility or provider for medical or surgical care to a child that is a county charge pursuant to subsection A of this section, unless otherwise provided by an intergovernmental agreement, as follows:

1. For inpatient and outpatient hospital services, the county shall reimburse at a level that does not exceed the reimbursement methodology established pursuant to section 36-2903.01, subsection G.

2. For health and medical services, the county shall reimburse at a level that does not exceed the capped fee-for-service schedule that is adopted by the Arizona health care cost containment system administration pursuant to title 36, chapter 29, article 1 and that is in effect at the time the services are delivered.

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Last modified: October 13, 2016