Ex parte CRAIG A. ANDERSON - Page 2

          Appeal No. 96-2771                                                          
          Application 08/239,334                                                      

          nail fin to be folded so that the nail fin lies flush to the                
          window frame.  Claim 13 is exemplary of the subject matter on               
          appeal and recites:                                                         
               13.  In combination:                                                   
               a window including a frame;                                            
               said frame having a kerf formed therein;                               
               and at least one foldable metal nail fin operatively                   
          secured to said frame;                                                      
               said nail fin comprising a substantially flat body portion             
          and an inner end portion which extends transversely from said               
          body portion for insertion into said kerf whereby said body                 
          portion is normally positioned flush against said frame without             
          objectionably protruding therefrom so that said frame and said              
          nail fin may be shipped to a building site; said body portion of            
          said nail fin having an indented fold line formed therein                   
          adjacent said inner end portion so that said body portion may be            
          selectively folded, about said fold line, from its normally flush           
          position adjacent said frame to a position wherein said nail fin            
          extends outwardly from said window frame for nailing to a                   
          building surface extending around a window opening created                  
               the metal construction of said nail fin causing said nail              
          fin to remain in its said flush position until manually folded              
          outwardly to its nailing position;                                          
               the metal construction of said nail fin causing said nail              
          fin to remain in its nailing position after it has been folded              
          outwardly thereto.                                                          
                                    THE REFERENCE                                     
               The following reference was relied on by the examiner:                 
          Kessler                  4,999,957                Mar. 19, 1991             
                                    THE REJECTION                                     

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