Ex parte C.A. BUFFINGTON, et al. - Page 9

                    Appeal No. 96-3544                                                                                                                                    
                    Application No. 08/296,856                                                                                                                            


                              11.  A guide tube for insertion in an animal having a mouth,                                                                                
                              an esophagus and a stomach connected in series communication,                                                                               
                              for extending from the animal's mouth, through the esophagus                                                                                
                              into the animal's stomach and for aiding in the insertion of                                                                                
                              a gastrostomy tube in the animal, the apparatus comprising: a                                                                               
                              hollow, rigid tube having an interior wall contoured for                                                                                    
                              guiding an end of a  fiber pushed through the tube, an                                                                                      
                              insertion end of the tube having an interior wall and a                                                                                     
                              longitudinal axis bent away from a longitudinal axis of an                                                                                  
                              opposite, handle end of the tube, the tube being at least as                                                                                
                              long as the distance from the mouth to the stomach, the tube                                                                                
                              having an outer diameter no greater than the esophagus, and                                                                                 
                              the interior wall of the insertion end of the tube contoured                                                                                
                              outwardly from the insertion end axis, forming an angle with                                                                                
                              the axis less than 90 degrees to form a flared end.                                                                                         


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Last modified: November 3, 2007