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                    THIS OPINION WAS NOT WRITTEN FOR PUBLICATION                       
            The opinion in support of the decision being entered today                 
          (1) was not written for publication in a law journal and                     
          (2) is not binding precedent of the Board.                                   
                                                             Paper No. 33              
                     UNITED STATES PATENT AND TRADEMARK OFFICE                         
                         BEFORE THE BOARD OF PATENT APPEALS                            
                                  AND INTERFERENCES                                    
                               Ex parte DINESH M. BHAT                                 
                                 Appeal No. 94-0605                                    
                               Application 07/807,7501                                 
                                 HEARD: June 9, 1997                                   
          Before JOHN D. SMITH, GARRIS and WARREN, Administrative Patent               
          WARREN, Administrative Patent Judge.                                         
                           On Request For Reconsideration                              
               Appellant requests reconsideration of our decision dated                
          June 30, 1997, wherein we affirmed the decision of the                       
          examiner based on his rejection of appealed claims 93 through                
          138 under 35 U.S.C. ' 103 as being unpatentable over Gatward.                
               We have carefully considered appellant’s request but are                
          unconvinced of error in our decision.  Thus, we decline to                   
          make any changes in our prior decision for the reasons which                 
          1  Application for patent filed December 17, 1991. According                 
          to applicant, this application is a continuation of                          
          application for patent 07/598,995, filed October 10, 1990.                   

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