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          Appeal No. 94-1942                                                          
          Application 07/773,603                                                      

               11.  A process for producing tubers from a tuber-forming               
          plant belonging to the genus Solanum comprising the steps of:               
               (a) culturing a plant piece having at least one bud in a               
               culture vessel containing a liquid medium comprising:                  
               i)  a carbon source and                                                
               ii) inorganic salts;                                                   
               (b) exposing said plant piece of step (a) to alternating               
               periods of light and dark while the plant piece contacts the           
               (c) exposing said plant piece to carbon dioxide during at              
               least one light period of step (b) to induce and propagate             
               shoots and stolons from said plant piece;                              
               (d) culturing said stolons of step (c) in a liquid medium              
               containing a carbon source; and                                        
               (e) exposing at least a portion of said stolons to a                   
               gaseous phase during step (d) under conditions sufficient to           
               induce the formation of tubers on said stolons.                        
               The references relied on by the examiner are:                          
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