Ex parte ANDREW R. KNEISEL - Page 2

          Appeal No. 94-3599                                                          
          Application 07/931,737                                                      

               a) applying a liquid masking composition to a vehicle                  
               b) painting the vehicle, and drying or curing the liquid               
          masking composition sufficiently to form a removable mask;                  
               c) removing the mask from the flange; and                              
               d) adhesively bonding the vehicle window to the vehicle                
               In addition to the admitted state of the prior art found in            
          appellant's specification, the examiner relies upon the following           
          references as evidence of obviousness:                                      
          Hong et al. (Hong)          4,125,088               Nov. 14, 1978           
          Kano et al. (Kano)          4,871,585               Oct.  3, 1989           
               Appellant's claimed invention is directed to bonding a                 
          window to a vehicle flange.  The process entails applying a                 
          liquid masking composition to the flange, painting the vehicle              
          and drying or curing the masking composition, removing the mask,            
          and adhesively bonding the window to the flange.  According to              
          appellant, utilizing a liquid masking composition prior to                  
          painting the vehicle is an improvement over the prior art method            
          of applying a solid pressure sensitive adhesive tape to the                 
          vehicle flange.  Appellant maintains that the claimed invention             
          obviates the disadvantages of the prior art method, which is                
          labor intensive, not effectively automatable, and leaves a                  
          residue which may impair the adhesive strength between the window           
          and the flange.                                                             

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Last modified: November 3, 2007