Ex parte YIGAL PELEG et al. - Page 3

                Appeal No. 95-1168                                                                                                             
                Application 07/951,992                                                                                                         

                         Petrizzelli discloses a pie crust or pastry dough which contains inactivated flour  having  2                         

                increased shelf life and having improved quality in that when the dough is baked, it closely resembles                         
                home-made dough with respect to texture, appearance and taste (col. 1, lines 6-13 and col. 1, line 67                          
                to col. 2, line 2).  The dough product contains 30-40% inactivated cereal flour, 13-20% starch, 15-                            
                25% fats, 15-25% sugar, 5-10% water, 2-5% glycerol or alternatively 4-7% sorbitol, and sufficient                              
                amounts of flavoring agents and salt  (col. 2, lines 27-33).  Optionally, the fat component may be                             
                combined with a fat emulsifying agent in an amount up to about 1% by weight of the final product                               
                (col. 2, lines 33-36 and col. 3, lines 20-25).  The starch component lowers the water activity of the                          
                product (col. 3, lines 10-12) while the fat component confers “plasticity on the dough” (col. 3, lines                         
                         Kriz is directed to an improvement in the production of pastry shortening used in making roll-                        
                in pastry dough products such as Danish pastry (col. 1, lines 12-16).  The process comprises the steps                         
                of (i) compounding a shortening from vegetable fats and mixtures of animal and vegetable fats, (ii)                            
                maintaining the shortening in a molten and liquid state, (iii) feeding the shortening through an                               
                elongated scraped wall, heat exchange zone, wherein the shortening is rapidly chilled to nucleate and                          
                develop beta-prime crystal nuclei in the shortening, (iv) simultaneously kneading and removing heat                            
                from the resulting nucleated shortening to further develop beta-prime crystalline phases with                                  
                concomitant thickening, and (v) extruding the plastic shortening mass from heat exchange zone to                               

                         2Inactivated flour according to Petrizzelli is flour that has been heat treated to eliminate alpha-amylasic activity  
                and substantially reduced lipasic and peroxidasic activity (col.2, lines 40-60).                                               

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