Ex parte LEVIEN - Page 7

          Appeal No. 95-2827                                                          
          Application 07/983,211                                                      

          Figure 2B of Itoh shows a linear representation of pixel                    
          density from 0 to 255 with various intermediate numerical                   
          values associated with it.  As to this Figure, column 4, lines              
          1 to 3 states that “since the density data is expressed by                  
          eight bits, 0 to 255 denote the density gradation of the                    
          pixel.”  Finally, this reference states at column 5, line 65                
          through column 6, line 2 that “the density data of each pixel               
          is constituted by eight bits so that it is possible to express              
          the density data of the pixel by 256 (integer) density                      
          gradations (from 0 to 255).  That is, the minimum density is                
          the integer 0, and the maximum density is the integer 255.”                 
               It appears that the examiner is intending to correlate                 
          some type of distance value associated with the rather linear,              
          straight line-like determination of pixel density values from               
          0 to 255.  However, as asserted by appellant, pixel density                 
          not equal distance between pixels.  The examiner’s view that                
          Itoh teaches the determination of any distance from any pixel               
          to another pixel because it teaches Laplacian calculations                  
          (initially expressed in the abstract) is also misplaced.                    


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Last modified: November 3, 2007