Ex parte MILLER - Page 6

          Appeal No. 95-3178                                                         
          Application 08/055,477                                                     

               The Jaynes patent discloses an envelope sealing machine               
          (Figures 1 through 3) including rollers 3 and 4 for moving an              
          envelope z, a so-called "deflecting-leaf" made up of a transverse          
          rod 12 and a rod 13 (page 1, lines 78 through 80), a skeleton              
          flap-pressing lever pivoted on rod 14, preferably formed from a            
          single piece of wire bent to form a bail 15, having rearwardly-            
          extending arms 15a and having the intermediate portion of its              
          laterally-spaced arms coiled around the rod 14 (page 1, lines              
          89 through 95), and rollers 3 and 5 for passing the envelope               
          therebetween.  As noted by Jaynes (page 2, lines 29 through 34),           
                    The skeleton supporting shelf or leaf 12, 13,                    
                    as well as the spring-arms 15a, will yield                       
                    very considerably, so that envelops that vary                    
                    a great deal in size may be run through this                     
                    machine and sealed without readjusting any                       
                    parts of the machine.                                            

                              Claims 1 through 5 and 8                               
               We share the examiner's view that the subject matter of               
          claims 1 and 8 is anticipated by the teaching of Jaynes.  From             
          our perspective, one versed in the art would understand that the           
          lower edge of an envelope passing through the nip of the rollers           
          3,4, of Jaynes (Figure 1) would be deflected by the so-called              
          "deflecting leaf" (12, 13) towards the spring-arms 15a.  Thus, we          
          consider the spring-arms and "deflecting leaf" to correspond to            


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Last modified: November 3, 2007