Ex parte PODWALNY et al. - Page 7

          Appeal No. 95-3338                                                           
          Application 07/994,035                                                       

          hinges and either one of Hawkins or Blonder for the write-on                 
                    Thus, the examiner has cited four references in the                
          rejection and not one of these applied references teaches or                 
          suggests the claimed window in the computer housing cover.  The              
          rationale for this rejection is set forth, in its entirety, in               
          one paragraph at page 5 of the answer and no mention is made                 
          there at all as to what the examiner's rationale is with regard              
          to the claimed window.  Nowhere in the answer does the examiner              
          explain how the claimed subject matter, including the window, is             
          made obvious by the applied references, but we might infer, from             
          the penultimate paragraph in the answer, that the examiner relies            
          on the same reasoning, i.e., cassette or CD player, he applied               
          with regard to the rejection over Derocher.                                  
                    To the extent that the examiner does, indeed, rely on a            
          "cassette or CD player" to provide for the teaching of a window              
          in the cover of a computer housing, we reject this line of                   
          reasoning for the reasons explained supra.                                   
                    Since the examiner has failed to set forth a prima                 
          facie case of obviousness with regard to the claimed subject                 
          matter, the examiner's decision is reversed.                                 


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Last modified: November 3, 2007