Ex parte MOORMAN - Page 5

          Appeal No. 95-3406                                                          
          Application 07/940,016                                                      

          Second College Edition, Houghton Mifflin Co., 1982.  Thus, we               
          have applied this interpretation of the term "ridge means" in               
          analyzing the claims before us in this appeal.                              
               Turning to the disclosure of the Stiso reference, it is                
          clear that Stiso discloses a casing 20 for a test strip 24, the             
          casing comprising a top member 26 and a bottom member 28.  The              
          top member includes a first opening 58 and a second opening 54,             
          with the second opening defined by two pairs of opposing sides              
          (note Figures 1 and 2), with the two longitudinal opposing sides            
          bearing indicia (note Figure 4) and sloping downwardly from top             
          to bottom and terminating in opposing edges that define the                 
          opening 54.  As apparent from Figure 3 of Stiso, these opposing             
          edges terminate in a ridge means in the same manner that we                 
          understand the edges of appellant’s second opening to terminate             
          in "ridge means" as discussed above.  Furthermore, contrary to              
          appellant’s argument on page 4 of the brief that neither of the             
          edge lines 30,32 of Stiso is “on the bottom of the top member,”             
          clearly the pair of longitudinal edge lines 30 are on the lower             
          side of the top member (Figure 5) and engage with the pair of               
          longitudinal, upwardly extending edge lines 32 on the bottom                
          member (Figure 8).  These edge lines 30,32 are sealed together as           


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