Ex parte MATTHEW A. HOWARD et al. - Page 2

          Appeal No. 96-0022                                                          
          Application 08/096,214                                                      

          claims 53-70 have been withdrawn from consideration.  Claims 40,            
          41 and 45-52 stand objected to as being dependent upon a rejected           
          base claim but would be allowable if rewritten in independent               
                    The appellants' invention is a drug delivery apparatus            
          which according to the specification is utilized to deliver                 
          treatment to a specific location of a body (Specification at page           
          1).  The drug delivery apparatus includes a carrier means for               
          carrying a treatment to a specific location of the body.  The               
          carrier means in one embodiment is disclosed as an implant sheath           
          device with a semi-permeable membrane filled with treatment                 
          placed inside the implant sheath (Specification at page 3).  A              
          leading magnet is releasably connected to the carrier means by a            
          connection means (Specification at page 4).  The specification              
          discloses that the leading magnet is manipulated by a magnetic              
          field external to the body so as to move through the body to the            
          specific location in the body to be treated (Specification page             
          4-5).  When the carrier means is in the location needing                    
          treatment the connection means releases the magnet so that the              
          magnet can be directed out of the body (Specification, pages 4              
          and 8).  Appellants' specification teaches that the connection              
          means is a heat-sensitive polymer which when inductively heated             


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Last modified: November 3, 2007