Ex parte GALLAGHER et al. - Page 2

          Appeal No. 96-1706                                                            
          Application 08/203,461                                                        

          considered by the examiner to be directed to allowable subject                
                    The invention pertains to a method of controlling a                 
          tape motor for feeding tape to a printing drum so that only the               
          necessary amount of tape is utilized regardless of the length of              
          printing which occurs.                                                        
                    Representative independent claim 1 is reproduced as                 
                    1.   A method for controlling a tape motor for feeding              
          tape in correspondence to printing of an indeterminate length of              
          printing on the tape by a print drum comprising the steps of:                 
                    a)   providing a micro controller operative to control              
          a tape motor;                                                                 
                    b)   providing a sensor for indicating a tape condition             
          which changes in accordance with the engagement of a printing                 
          portion of the print drum with the tape;                                      
                    c)   providing an optical sensor and slotted disk for               
          providing signals indicative of the rotation of a motor shaft of              
          the tape motor;                                                               
                    d)   providing at least first and second counters for               
          counting signal pulses from said optical sensor corresponding to              
          the passage of slots during rotation of the motor;                            
                    e)   energizing the motor for feeding tape;                         
                    f)   counting the signal pulses in said first and                   
          second counters; and                                                          

          It is assumed that the inclusion of claim 10 in the statement2                                                                        
          of rejection at page 3 of the answer, paragraph 9.1.2 was a                   
          typographical, or other type of, error.                                       


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