Ex parte THOMAS J. GREENBOWE et al. - Page 2

          Appeal No. 96-2865                                                          
          Application No. 08/081,561                                                  

                    This appeal is from the final rejection of claims 1               
          through 41, all of the claims pending in the application.                   
               The invention relates to “multimedia computer systems that             
          expose students to scientific principles and concepts through a             
          variety of multimedia interactions” (specification, page 1).                
          Claim 1 is illustrative and reads as follows:                               

               1.  An apparatus for teaching science and engineering to a             
          user, the apparatus comprising:                                             
               a means for displaying imagery;                                        
               a means for causing a plurality of objects to be pictured on           
          the display means, the objects being apparatus, equipment,                  
          devices, materials, and supplies used in science and engineering;           
               a means by which the user can assemble a plurality of the              
          objects pictured on the display means into an operating pictorial           
          representation of an operating experimental configuration, the              
          experimental configuration being characterized by a relationship            
          among a plurality of experimental parameters;                               
               a means by which the user can simulate the performance of an           
          experiment using the pictorial representation of the experimental           
          configuration, an experiment being a method of measuring one of             
          the plurality of experimental parameters by means of the                    
          experimental configuration, the operation of the pictorial                  
          representation of the experimental configuration being governed             
          by the same relationship among the experimental parameters that             
          characterizes the operation of the experimental configuration.              


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Last modified: November 3, 2007