Ex parte ABERSFELDER et al. - Page 4

          Appeal No. 96-3553                                                          
          Application 08/324,476                                                      

                    Turning first to the rejection of independent claim 1,            
          Dillon relates to “the protection of articles through the                   
          identification thereof by micro-dots displaying indicia which               
          identifies the owner, together with the method of preparing such            
          micro-dots and using them for identification purposes” (column 1,           
          lines 4 through 8).  As described more specifically in Dillon’s             
                    [t]he micro-dots are small pieces of foil of                      
                    any of several shapes with square being the                       
                    preferred shape, and having an area defined                       
                    by sides having an extent in the nature of                        
                    0.007 inch.  Printed on the area of each dot                      
                    is indicia identifying a particular owner.                        
                    The method consists essentially of printing                       
                    the indicia in multiple units on a large                          
                    plate with the images being reduced in size                       
                    by step photographing process, which results                      
                    in a glass slide having the negatives of the                      
                    images developed thereon.  These images are                       
                    transferred photographically to a piece of                        
                    film of the same size which is cut into the                       
                    individual dots.  It is then immersed in a                        
                    fluid, such as a clear resin, and applied to                      
                    an article that is to be protected.  The                          
                    article or any part thereof with the                              
                    microdots thereon is retrieved and examined                       
                    by a microscope to identify the owner.                            
                    The examiner concedes that Dillon does not meet the               
          limitations in claim 1 requiring the microscopic information                
          carriers, which correspond to Dillon’s micro-dots, to be                    
          “contained in a vehicle coating . . . at least at selected                  


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Last modified: November 3, 2007