Ex parte CAMPO et al. - Page 8

                Appeal No. 96-3555                                                                                                            
                Application No. 08/297,021                                                                                                    

                as defined by independent claim 51 would have been obvious to one                                                             
                of ordinary skill in the art at the time of appellants'                                                                       
                invention.  Thus, we regard the examiner's application of the                                                                 
                teachings of Sastri and Tardoskegyi to be mere surplusage.                                       5                            

                         Grefe discloses an apparatus for treating razor blades.  The                                                         
                apparatus includes a blade holder 68 that will permit the stack                                                               
                of blades to riffle/flutter.   A conveyor chain 22 moves the6                                                                              
                blade holder in the washer section 24 and dryer section 26.7                                                                  

                         The examiner determined that Grefe failed to disclose moving                                                         
                the stack of blades through a pre-wash station, a wash station, a                                                             
                rinse station and a final rinse station and circulating the rinse                                                             
                and final rinse water to the pre-wash and rinse stations,                                                                     
                respectively (answer, p. 4).                                                                                                  

                         5The examiner relied on Sastri for a teaching of                                                                     
                demagnetizing a razor blade and relied on Tardoskegyi for a                                                                   
                teaching of an air curtain (answer, pp. 4-5).  However, these                                                                 
                features are not recited in claim 51.                                                                                         
                         6See column 5, lines 11-21 and 67-73, of Grefe.                                                                      
                         7See Figures 3-6 of Grebe.                                                                                           

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Last modified: November 3, 2007