MANDEL et al. V. CASKEY et al. V. CASKEY et al. V. SUTHERLAND et al. - Page 3

          Interference No. 103,451                                                      

                                    Senior Party.4                                      
                               Interference No. 103,387                                 
          Before URYNOWICZ, SOFOCLEOUS, and DOWNEY, Administrative                      
          Patent Judges.                                                                
          SOFOCLEOUS, Administrative Patent Judge.                                      

               Caskey et al. and Mandel et al., the junior parties,                     
          failed to make any showing why judgment on the record should                  
          not be entered against them, in view of the fact that they                    
          failed to file preliminary statements, and the time allowed                   
          for such showing has expired.                                                 
               Accordingly, pursuant to the order of October 14, 1997,                  
          judgment under 37 CFR  1.640(e) as to the subject matter of                  
          the count in issue is awarded to Grant R. Sutherland, Robert                  
          I. Richards, David Schlessinger, Ramaiah Nagaraja, Eric J.                    

            Application 08/118,200, filed September 9, 1993.4                                                                        
          Accorded Benefit of U.S. Applications 07/802,650, filed                       
          December 6, 1991; 07/672,232, filed March 20, 1991;                           
          07/638,518, filed January 4, 1991; and 07/996,517, filed                      
          December 23, 1992; all abandoned.                                             

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