FRIESEN et al. V. GUIRE et al. - Page 1

                    THIS OPINION WAS NOT WRITTEN FOR PUBLICATION                    
         The opinion in support of the decision being entered today (1)             
         was not written for publication in a law journal and (2) is not            
         binding precedent of the Board.                                            
                                                           Paper No. 94             
                     UNITED STATES PATENT AND TRADEMARK OFFICE                      
                        BEFORE THE BOARD OF PATENT APPEALS                          
                                 AND INTERFERENCES                                  
                        HEINZ-JÜRGEN FRIESEN, GERD GRENNER,                         
                          HANS ERWIN PAULY, HELMUT KOHL,                            
                                  KLAUS HABENSTEIN                                  
                                  and JOSEPH STÄRK                                  
                                   Junior Party,1                                   
                                  PATRICK E. GUIRE                                  
                               and MELVIN J. SWANSON                                
                                   Senior Party,2                                   
                          Patent Interference No. 103,072                           

         Before RONALD H. SMITH, SOFOCLEOUS, Administrative Patent Judges.          
         and McKELVEY, Senior Administrative Patent Judge.                          
         RONALD H. SMITH, Administrative Patent Judge.                              

         1  Patent 4,861,711 issued August 29, 1989, based on                       
         Application 06/808,563, filed December 13, 1995.  Assignor to              
         Behringwerke Aktiengesellschaft, Marburg/Lahn, Germany, A                  
         Corporation of Germany.                                                    
         2  Application 07/891,864 filed June 1, 1992.  Accorded                    
         Benefit of: U.S. Applications 07/574,607, filed August 28, 1990;           
         06/467,229, filed February 23, 1983, now Patent No. 5,073,484,             
         issued December 17, 1991; 06/356,459, filed March 9, 1982.                 
         Assignor to Bio-Metric Systems, Inc., St. Eden Pairie, MN, A               
         Corporation of Minnesota.                                                  

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