HOFTMAN et al. V. DAVID - Page 1

                                                           Paper No.  14             

                      UNITED STATES PATENT AND TRADEMARK OFFICE                       
                         BEFORE THE BOARD OF PATENT APPEALS                           
                                  AND INTERFERENCES                                   
                                  MIKE H. HOFTMAN                                     
                               PATRICIA C. ANDERSEN                                  
                                   Junior Party,1                                     
                                   HENRY B. DAVID                                     
                                   Senior Party,2                                     
                           Patent Interference No. 103,755                            

          Before METZ, PATE and MARTIN, Administrative Patent Judges.                 
          PATE, Administrative Patent Judge.                                          

                    Now comes the senior party with a concession of                   
          priority, which is to be treated as a request for adverse                   
          judgment under 37 CFR  1.662(a) (1997).  Accordingly, the                  
          following judgment is entered.                                              

            Application 08/316,564, filed September 30, 1994.  Assignor               
          to American Medical Manufacturing, Inc.                                     
            Patent 5,188,323, granted February 23, 1993, based on                     
          Application 07/833,380 filed February 10, 1992.  Assignor to                
          Melco Wire Products, Co.                                                    


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Last modified: November 3, 2007