Ex parte KANNER et al. - Page 5

          Appeal No. 2000-0104                                                        
          Application No. 08/850,647                                                  

          defined by Webster’s Third New International Dictionary (1971)              
          as “to make fast by or as if by the interlacing or                          
          interlocking of parts.”  Looking at arrangements (1) and (2)                
          of Cerola, it is doubtful to us that it can be said that there              
          is any interlacing or interlocking of the coupler and catalyst              
          member.  In any event, even if it might be said that Cerola                 
          satisfies phrase (a), Cerola clearly does not meet phrase (b),              
          because neither arrangement of Cerola prevents removal of the               
          catalyst member from the coupler.  The verb “prevent” means                 
          “to keep from happening or existing”                                        

          (Webster, supra), and since the arrangements (1) and (2) of                 
          Cerola do not keep the catalyst member from being removed from              
          the carrier, phrase (b) is not readable on either of them.                  
               If we look to appellants’ specification for                            
          “enlightenment” (In re Morris, supra) as to the meaning of the              
          limitations in                                                              
          question, particularly phrase (b), we find that on page 9,                  
          lines 36 to 38, appellants disclose that once the catalyst is               
          assembled on the coupler, it “cannot be removed.”  This                     

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Last modified: November 3, 2007