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               Appeal No. 1996-0331                                                                                               
               Application 08/239,942                                                                                             

               feature (a CDL based on a SQL) as it is recited in the claims on appeal.                                           

                      Representative claim 1 is reproduced below:                                                                 

                      1.  A method of altering an existing data structure in a database system,                                   

               said existing data structure including a plurality of related tables of columns and rows of data values and        
               further including one or more indexes for said related tables to provide a relational database, said               
               existing data structure being defined by a catalog data structure including tables of tables and indexes,          
               said method comprising the steps of:                                                                               

                      a)  receiving a change indication signal,                                                                   

                              1)  said change indication signal encoding one or more statements conforming to a                   
                              change definition language that is a superset of a SQL structured query                             

                              2)  said change definition language including a plurality of available statements                   
                      for changing at least one of A) a data specification of a column, B) an owner of                            
                      a table or an index, and C) a name of a column or an index,                                                 

                              3)  said one or more statements specifying one or more requested changes to be                      
                              made in the existing data structure;                                                                

                      b) testing whether said one or more requested changes can be made in the existing data                      
               structure; and                                                                                                     

                      c) if said changes can be made in said existing data structure, then making said changes, or else           
               signaling an error.                                                                                                

                      The following reference is relied on by the examiner:                                                       


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