Ex parte BREE et al. - Page 5

         Appeal No. 1996-1300                                                    
         Application No. 08/076,722                                              

              (d) a worm gear, mounted in the housing, meshing with              
                   the worm;                                                     
              (e) an extending pin coupled to the worm gear, wherein             
                   rotational movement of the motor output shaft causes          
                   arcuate movement of the extending pin between at              
                   least two operating positions;                                
              (f) a link having a first end and a second end, wherein            
                   the first end is pivotably coupled to the manual              
                   locking lever;                                                
              (g) a slot in the second end of the link, the slot                 
                   having two slot ends connected by two parallel                
                   sides, wherein the slot engages the extending pin             
                   and allows limited relative substantially linear              
                   movement of the link with respect to the pin and              
                   wherein the combination of the slot and the pin               
                   constrain the link to at least some linear movement           
                   in response to arcuate movement of the extending              
              wherein, in at least one of the operating positions, the           
         combination of the link, slot, extending pin, worm gear and             
         worm hold the manual locking lever in the locked position so            
         that external force on the manual locking lever does not move           
         the manual locking lever from the locked position.                      
              The examiner's rejection of claim 7 states that "Fukumoto          
         et al. '186 teaches all the elements of the claimed invention           
         including reversible motor with worm 26, worm gear 18, housing          
         2, rotary arm with extending pin 9 mounted exterior of the              
         housing, link with slot allowing some linear movement 5 and             
         having two operating positions (Figures 3 and 4)" (answer,              
         page 3).                                                                

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