Ex parte RIEGER et al. - Page 3

          Appeal No. 1996-2801                                                        
          Application 08/134,361                                                      

          sensitivities, the blue sensitive layers being the emulsion                 
          layers farthest from the support, wherein                                   
                    the first of said blue sensitive layers is the most               
          sensitive blue layer and is the emulsion layer farthest from                
          the support, wherein the weight ratio of dye-forming coupler                
          to photographic silver halide (expressed as silver) in the                  
          first blue sensitive layer is not more than 0.10, the second                
          blue sensitive layer being contiguous said first blue                       
          sensitive layer and containing an acylacetamide yellow dye-                 
          forming coupler.                                                            

                    The references set forth below are relied upon by                 
          examiner in the rejections before us:                                       
          Chari et al. (Chari)          5,190,851          Mar.  2, 1993              
          Chang et al. (Chang)          EP 432,834         June 19, 1991              
          (European Patent Application)                                               

                    Claims 7 and 19 through 21 are rejected under the                 
          second paragraph of 35 U.S.C.  112 for failing to                          
          particularly point out and distinctly claim the subject matter              
          which the appellants regard as their invention.  According to               
          the examiner,                                                               


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