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                Appeal No. 1996-3973                                                                                                         
                Application No. 08/048,657                                                                                                   

                to improve spreading of the liquid sample droplet over the upper layer after it is placed in the                             
                aperture (specification, page 4, last paragraph through page 5, first full paragraph).                                       
                        The examiner bears the initial burden of establishing a prima facie case of obviousness.                             
                To establish a prima facie case of obviousness, there must be both some suggestion or                                        
                motivation to modify the reference or combine reference teachings and a reasonable expectation                               
                of success.  In re Vaeck, 947 F.2d 488, 493, 20 USPQ2d 1438, 1442 (Fed. Cir. 1991).                                          
                Furthermore, the prior art must teach or suggest all of the claimed limitations.                                             
                I.      Rejection of claims 1, 3, 4, 6, 8, 9 and 11-13 over Daffern in view of Moyer                                         
                        Daffern describes a test device comprising, in sequence, an absorbent layer 2, a barrier                             
                layer 8, and a reagent matrix layer 6 having a defined saturation volume, wherein the absorbent                              
                and barrier layers each have an opening 14 for applying a test sample directly onto the reagent                              
                layer (Fig. 1; col. 2, lines 6-11).  The reagents in the reagent matrix are selected based on the                            
                analyte to be determined, e.g., glucose oxidase, a substance having peroxidase activity, and an                              
                oxidizable indicator (e.g., 3,5-dimethylaminobenzoic acid (DMAB), 3-methyl-2-                                                
                benzothiazolinone hydrochloride (MBTH), and/or tetramethyl benzadine (TMB)) for measuring                                    
                glucose in a body fluid (col. 6, lines 39-48; col. 7, lines 3-17).                                                           
                        Moyer describes a test device comprising a plurality of superposed test reagent                                      
                impregnated members, including in descending sequence, a top porous glass fiber disc 18; an                                  

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