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          Appeal No. 1997-0243                                                        
          Application 08/168,976                                                      

               The disclosed invention uses a novel SORT record for each              
          primary key and each foreign key, collating SORT records, in a              
          single phase, so as to group together those records for each                
          primary key for subsequent diagnostic analysis.  This is an                 
          improvement on the prior art methods of the two-phase DATA                  
          CHECK operations since the invention uses reading data-record               
          and index-entry data in parallel and eliminates the need to                 
          create a working data set of the information being checked.                 
          The invention is further illustrated by the following claim.                
               1.   A single-phase method of checking DB2 referential                 
          integrity, comprising the steps of:                                         
               (a) extracting, in parallel, (1) all of zero or more                   
          instances of one or more specified foreign keys, referred to                
          as FK occurrences, and (2) zero or more instances of one or                 
          more specified primary keys, referred to as PK occurrences;                 
               (b) constructing a SORT record for each said FK                        
          occurrence, referred to as an FK SORT record, and a SORT                    
          record for each said PK occurrence, referred to as a PK SORT                
               (c) collating the FK SORT records with the PK SORT                     
          records into a single sequence of SORT records to group                     
          together the PK SORT records for each primary key, with the                 
          respective FK SORT records for each of any foreign key                      
          associated with each said primary key; and                                  
               (d) performing a specified diagnosis routine utilizing                 
          said single sequence of SORT records as an input.                           
               The references relied on by the Examiner are:                          

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