Ex parte YUAN - Page 9

          Appeal No. 1997-0461                                                         
          Application 08/267,683                                                       

          the question to be resolved is whether any of the other                      
          ingredients disclosed in either Fujii et al. reference would                 
          have been expected to materially alter the basic lubricating                 
          and cooling properties possessed by the compositions disclosed               
          therein.  From the examples in each Fujii et al. reference the               
          answer to the above-noted question is no. It is clear from the               
          Fujii et al. examples that the compositions still possess                    
          their lubricant and cooling properties as evidenced by the                   
          high reduction in cold plastic working obtained without                      
          seizure and galling.                                                         
               We have carefully reviewed appellant's disclosure for any               
          evidence that appellant intended to exclude from his                         
          composition any components other than those specifically                     
          claimed and we find no such evidence. At page 13, line 34                    
          through page 14, line 2, the "lubricant/coolant" is described                
          as one which "includes" molybdenum disulfide powder                          
          "dispersed" in a liquid. At page 14, lines 12 through 14, it                 
          is disclosed that in order to prevent precipitation of the                   
          molybdenum disulfide, the molybdenum disulfide must be                       
          "dispersed in a suitable liquid suspension." At page 14, lines               
          15 through 19, the "lubricant/coolant" is described as one                   


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Last modified: November 3, 2007