Ex parte NASVIK et al. - Page 5

          Appeal No. 1997-0635                                       Page 5           
          Application No. 08/375,183                                                  

               Claim 4, the only independent claim on appeal, reads as                
                    A gang form for molding a natural stone surface                   
               having multiple stone regions, said gang form comprising:              
                    (a) a plurality of form liners each including a                   
               front surface and a back surface, said front surface of                
               each form liner including only one lateral relief mold                 
               face for contouring a single stone region on a wall                    
               formed against said lateral relief mold face, the lateral              
               relief mold face including:                                            
                         (i) a central surface portion located central to             
                    the lateral relief mold face, the central surface                 
                    portion having a reverse contour to a single natural              
                    stone for forming a natural stone region in the                   
                    wall; and                                                         
                         (ii) a border surface portion contiguous with                
                    and completely surrounding the central surface                    
                    portion, the border surface portion having a reverse              
                    contour to a mortar region of a natural stone wall                
                    for forming a mortar region contiguous with and                   
                    surrounding the natural stone region in the wall;                 
                    (b) a backing member; and                                         
                    (c) means for mounting said back surface of each of               
               said form liners to said backing member wherein said form              
               liners are mounted in an adjacent mating relationship to               
               create a continuous lateral relief mold face.                          

               In rejecting claims under 35 U.S.C.  103, the examiner                
          bears the initial burden of presenting a prima facie case of                
          obviousness.  See In re Rijckaert, 9 F.3d 1531, 1532, 28                    

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