Ex parte ASHTON et al. - Page 8

          Appeal No. 1997-0809                                                        
          Application 08/033,599                                                      

          "responsive to said management information," not to the                     
          specific information about the status and configuration of                  
          virtual circuit segments.                                                   
               Appellants have not shown any error in the Examiner's                  
          finding of anticipation.  The anticipation rejection of                     
          claim 9 is sustained.                                                       
               Claim 12                                                               
               With respect to claim 12, Appellants argue (Br11) that                 
          Jolissaint does not teach "means at each node of said packet                
          communications system for indicating the status and                         
          configuration of the virtual circuit segments terminating at                
          said each node," but does not offer any explanation.                        
               The Examiner states that "appellant's attention is                     
          directed to col. 4, lines 35-42, col. 6, lines 4-18, where                  
          Jolissaint teaches that each node generates reports                         
          indicating the status and configuration of links terminated                 
          at the nodes" (EA11).  We agree that each node has means for                
          indicating the initialization status and configuration of                   
          circuit segments terminating at the node.  Appellants have                  
          not shown otherwise.  Claim 12 does not require that the                    
          "means . . . for indicating" be anything other than a                       

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