Ex parte USUI et al. - Page 2

          Appeal No. 1997-1054                                                        
          Application No. 08/108,543                                                  

               The subject matter on appeal relates to a method of mold               
          press forming a laminated assembly which includes the step of               
          introducing hot air into at least one air hole provided in a                
          second die using an air pressure control means, whereby the                 
          temperature of the hot air softens a surface skin member                    
          mounted over the surface of the second die.  This appealed                  
          subject matter is adequately illustrated by independent claim               
          15 which reads as follows:                                                  
               15. A method of mold press forming a laminated assembly                
          comprising a surface skin member and a resin core member,                   
          comprising the steps of:                                                    
               opening a die assembly including a first die having a                  
          first die surface having a prescribed surface contour, and a                
          second die surface adapted to cooperate with said first die                 
          surface to define a cavity for mold press forming, second die               
          being provided with at least one air hole communicating said                
          second die surface with air pressure control means;                         
               mounting a surface skin member over said second die                    
          surface of said second die;                                                 
               introducing hot air into said air hole by using said air               
          pressure control means, the temperature of said hot air being               
          such as to soften said surface skin member;                                 
               supplying molten resin on said first die surface of said               
          first die;                                                                  
               closing said die assembly while said molten resin and                  
          said surface skin member retain at least some of their plastic              
          properties so as to mold said molten resin into said resin                  
          core member and to integrally join said surface skin member                 
          with said resin core member; and                                            

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Last modified: November 3, 2007