Ex parte SHRINKLE et al. - Page 7

          Appeal No. 1997-1174                                                        
          Application 08/353,681                                                      

                    equivalent of a digital processor.  In re                         
                    29 USPQ 2d 1845 (CAFC 1994).                                      
                         Fennema does not eliminate signal                            
                    asymmetry.  Fennema eliminates head                               
                    position error by adjusting the position of                       
                    the head with respect to track center to                          
                    eliminate offset.  The inclusion of                               
                    Fennema’s track centering system in                               
                    Christner simply does not address the                             
                    claimed asymmetry correction aspects of                           
                    Applicant’s claims.  (Brief-pages 10 and                          
               The Examiner responds that                                             
                    even though the combination does not                              
                    anticipate the instant claims, it would                           
                    render the instant invention obvious. ...                         
                    Fennema balances positive and negative                            
                    peaks, as depicted in Figure 8.  Since the                        
                    combination would reduce signal asymmetry                         
                    to a tolerable minimum, the claim                                 
                    limitation is met.  (Answer-page 4.)                              
               We agree with Appellants.  We cannot see how mechanically              
          moving a magnetic head for track centering, based on                        
          equalizing the TES’s positive and negative peaks, would meet                
          the language of claim 12 as argued by Appellants.  Likewise,                
          we see no motivation to use the teachings of Fennema’s                      
          tracking signal to make an asymmetry correction to a                        
          magnetoresistive head signal.                                               


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Last modified: November 3, 2007