Ex parte BEER et al. - Page 2

          Appeal No. 1997-1199                                                        
          Application No. 08/309,366                                                  

          5 to 14 and 18 to 27, all the pending claims in the                         
               The disclosed invention relates to a computer program,                 
          implemented through a graphical user interface (GUI), that                  
          simplifies the manipulation by a user of attributes of a                    
          computer workstation.  An attribute is not only a task                      
          supported by a workstation but also any task that the                       
          workstation will support.  The invention separates the                      
          attributes into groups of related attributes.  The groups of                
          attributes are further divided into sets of similar attributes              
          with each set containing individual attributes.  The                        
          workstation retrieves from a data base all the groups of                    
          related attributes and stores those groups in a workstation                 
          memory.  Responsive to a user input selecting one group for                 
          display, the workstation displays in a template types pane all              
          sets of attributes comprising the group of related attributes.              
          Furthermore, the workstation displays the individual                        
          attributes of one set in a template pane responsive to either               
          user input or a default selection.  With the sets of one group              
          of related attributes displayed along with the individual                   

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