Ex parte WEBB - Page 3

                 Appeal No. 1997-1232                                                                                                                   
                 Application No. 08/182,035                                                                                                             

                 In this Advisory Action, the Examiner indicated that claims                                                                            
                 3-16 and 18-22 were objected to and that claim 24 was allowed.                                                                         
                 Accordingly, this appeal involves only claims 1, 2, and 23.                                               2                            
                          The claimed invention relates to a method and system for                                                                      
                 recovering timing information from a digital data signal.                                                                              
                 More particularly, Appellant indicates at page 3 of the                                                                                
                 specification that a periodic assessment of the data signal is                                                                         
                 performed to determine the occurrence of a peak in a part of                                                                           
                 the signal to thereby determine the suitability of that part                                                                           
                 of the signal for providing timing information.                                                                                        
                          Claim 1 is illustrative of the invention and reads as                                                                         
                 1.       A method recovering timing information from a digital                                                                         
                 data signal, said method comprising;                                                                                                   
                          periodic assessment of the signal to determine the                                                                            
                 suitability of a detected maximum or minimum signal value                                                                              
                 within   a part of the signal for providing timing information                                                                         

                          2In the Status of Claims section on page 2 of the Appeal                                                                      
                 Brief filed October 3, 1995, Appellant calls attention to the                                                                          
                 fact that claims 15 and 16 are presumed to be allowed in view                                                                          
                 of the rewriting of claim 15 in independent form in light of                                                                           
                 the Examiner’s statement in the Office action dated October 7,                                                                         
                 1994. The Examiner has confirmed Appellant’s statement of the                                                                          
                 status of claims at page 1 of the Answer.                                                                                              

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