Ex parte TAKEMOTO et al. - Page 4

          Appeal No. 1997-1335                                                        
          Application No. 08/201,023                                                  

          equivalent to nozzle holes.  Fujimura indicates that the                    
          uncoated area “can be easily set to form any desired meniscus”              
          (column 4, lines 65-68).  (Answer-pages 2 and 3.)  Thus, the                
          Examiner states:                                                            
                         It would have been obvious to one of                         
               ordinary skill in the art at the time the invention                    
               was made to make the nozzle plate of Miura, et al.                     
               with the amount of uncoated area of Fujimura, et al.                   
               because the amount of uncoated area of Fujimura, et                    
               al. can be optimized to produce any desire[sic                         
               desired] meniscus as desired by Miura, et al. in the                   
               art.  (Answer-page 3.)                                                 
                    Appellants do not dispute the use of a water-                     
          repellent coating with an uncoated area surrounding nozzle                  
          holes.  Appellants argue that the references do not disclose                
          or suggest the relative size of the uncoated area to the                    
          nozzle hole size being the claimed 140%.  Appellants calculate              
          the relative size of Miura’s Figure 11B embodiment based upon               
          Miura’s Figure 10 embodiment (brief-page 6).  We find these                 
          calculations to be unconvincing since they amount to mere                   
          conjecture, without any evidence to indicate a size                         
          relationship between these figures.                                         
                    Appellants acknowledge Fujimura teaches a                         
          predetermined distance (area) from the edge of a nozzle hole                


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