Ex parte SCOTT - Page 9

          Appeal No. 1997-1498                                                        
          Application No. 08/251,148                                                  

          only are the specific ingredients recited in the claims on                  
          appeal required, but also                                                   

          specific proportions of those ingredients are necessary.  In                
          other words, the limitation “a visually clear blend of                      
          thermoplastic polymers” limits the claimed compositions to                  
          those compositions having only those specific proportions of                
          the claimed ingredients, which are capable of forming a                     
          visually clear blend of thermoplastic polymers.                             
               As found by the examiner, Minnick discloses polymer                    
          blends comprising a polyetherimide and at least one polyester               
          resin derived from a cyclohexanedimethanol and a carbocyclic                
          acid or ester.  See column 1, lines 50-55.  The carbocyclic                 
          acid, according to Minnick, generically refers to any organic               
          compound whose carbon skeleton forms at least part of a closed              
          ring.  See column 5, lines 40-46.  Although Minnick indicates               
          that iso and terephthalic acids are the preferred carbocyclic               
          acids (see column 3, lines 15-20 and columns 7 and 8, example               
          2 and the Table), it also mentions 2, 6-                                    
          naphthalenedicarboxylic acid as one of the carbocyclic acids                
          useful for forming a polyester resin (see column 5, lines 53-               

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