Ex parte JEZEQUEL et al. - Page 5

          Appeal No. 1997-1663                                       Page 5           
          Application No. 08/448,053                                                  

          applied references describes each and every element as set                  
          forth in the claims, either expressly or inherently, as                     
          required of an anticipating disclosure in a single prior art                
          reference.  See Verdegaal Bros. Inc. v. Union Oil Co., 814                  
          F.2d 628, 631, 2 USPQ2d 1051, 1053 (Fed. Cir.), cert. denied,               
          484 U.S. 827 (1987).     Claim 1 calls for a method of                      
          producing silver halide grains having a maximum thickness of                
          0.145 microns wherein; (1) a mixer is rotated; (2) the rotated              
          mixer is required to have (a) an inlet surface, (b) an outlet               
          surface and (c) at least one flow channel extending from the                
          inlet surface to the outlet surface; (3) silver nitrate                     
          solution is introduced at the inlet surface of the mixer; and               
          (4) a halide salt solution is introduced at the mixer inlet                 
          surface within 30 mm of the introduction of the silver nitrate              
               The examiner, for example, particularly refers to figure               
          5(b) of Saitou and figure 2 of Mumaw (answer, page 5) as                    
          disclosing or inherently possessing reactant introduction                   
          points less than 30 mm apart that correspond to the claimed                 

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