Ex Parte KENNEDY et al - Page 4

          Appeal No. 1997-2234                                                        
          Application 08/254,345                                                      

          sealant layer has a thickness of from about 1 percent to 20                 
          percent, based on the total thickness of the multilayer film, and           
          may be comprised of, inter alia, an ionomer.  Appellants’ core              
          seal-assist layer is comprised of first and second components               
          wherein the first component may be, inter alia, an ethylene/vinyl           
          acetate copolymer and the second component may be, inter alia, a            
               The applied prior art reference to Norpoth describes an                
          example of a multilayer film having an outer layer comprised of             
          “IONOMER” which has a thickness of 19.89 percent, based on the              
          total thickness of the multilayer film, and a core layer                    
          comprised of an ethylene/vinyl acetate copolymer first component            
          and a second component of a linear ethylene 1-octene copolymer              
          (i.e., an ethylene/alpha-olefin copolymer commonly referred to as           
          linear low density polyethylene (LLDPE)) having a density of                
          0.920 g/cc (EAO-1 sold as Dowlex 2045.03 by Dow).  See Norpoth’s            
          example 13 at column 11 and column 5, lines 57-61.  Because                 
          appellants’ specification indicates that the term “plastomer”               
          includes a homogeneous ethylene/alpha olefin copolymer having a             
          density of from “about 0.86 to 0.91" and because Norpoth                    
          indicates that ethylene-alpha olefin polymers (such as the                  
          exemplified higher alpha olefin Dowlex 2045-03) “have a density             


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