Ex parte GRINDATTO et al. - Page 3

          Appeal No. 1997-2284                                                         
          Application 08/278,107                                                       

          founded.  Accordingly, we reverse this rejection.                            
               Welsh discloses a carbide foam which can be used as a                   
          catalyst or catalyst support, can contain the elements recited               
          in appellants’ claim 1, and has an internal pore surface area                
          between about 1 and about 2000 m /g (col. 2, lines 20-21 and2                                            
          51-53; col. 3, lines 18-19; col. 6, lines 26-57).  The                       
          admitted prior art relied upon by the examiner (answer,                      
          page 3) is appellants’ acknowledgment that the starting                      
          polymer foams used to make their carbide foam are available                  
          commercially (specification, page 6).                                        
               The examiner argues that Welsh discloses a carbide foam                 
          having a surface area of 42 m /g (col. 11, line 24) and that2                                               
          it would have been obvious to one of ordinary skill in the art               
          to use a purchased carbon such as that used by appellants                    
          because doing so would provide the carbon required by Welsh                  
          (answer, page 3).  The carbide foam which is disclosed as                    
          having a surface area of 42 m /g, however, is not disclosed as2                                               
          having the pore sizes, density or low level of residual                      
          element and crystallites recited in appellants’ claim 1.                     
               The examiner argues that the carbiding reactions of                     
          appellants and Welch have the same mechanism and that the                    

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Last modified: November 3, 2007