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          Appeal No. 1997-2708                                                        
          Application No. 08/337,204                                                  

          method and system, a fingerprint is scanned by a video scanner              
          and digitized, different parts of the fingerprint are analyzed              
          on a                                                                        
          non-minutiae basis, and a digitized numerical identifier is                 
          computed and compared with a digitized numerical identifier                 
          stored in memory from a portable personal identification card.              
          Claim 72 is illustrative of the claimed invention, and it                   
          reads as follows:                                                           
          72. A method for the automatic non-minutiae identification of               
          a fingerprint image comprising in combination:                              
               a)   video scanning an image of a fingerprint of a person              
          to be identified;                                                           
               b)   electronically storing, in digital form, in an                    
          addressable memory, fingerprint image data produced from video              
          scanning said image of a fingerprint;                                       
               c)   selectively analyzing, electronically, on a non-                  
          minutiae basis, a plurality of different fingerprint image                  
          parts of the stored fingerprint image data and computing a                  
          count for each of said plurality of fingerprint image parts;                
               d)   compiling a data matrix comprised of a plurality of               
          counts computed for the said plurality of different                         
          fingerprint image parts to provide a non-minutiae digitized                 
          numerical identifier indicative of said image of a fingerprint              
          of a person to be identified.                                               
               The prior art references of record relied upon by the                  
          examiner in rejecting the appealed claims are:                              


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