Ex parte BATTOCCHIO et al. - Page 2

               Appeal No. 1997-2883                                                                                               
               Application 08/379,443                                                                                             


                      The subject matter on appeal is directed to run flat tire actuation sensors for vehicles, and               

               particularly to a process for detecting when a tire has gone flat by sensing a resonance mode in the               

               vehicle acceleration of a tire support.  When a vehicle acceleration sensor detects the presence of a              

               resonance mode in vehicle acceleration of the tire support it is determined that the run flat tire has been        

               activated (i.e., that the vehicle is then supported on a safety or security bearing which resides inside the       


                      As indicated by appellants (see specification, page 2; Brief, page 3), it was conventional in the           

               prior art that a resonance mode between 10 and 20 Hz be detected in order to determine whether or                  

               not support of a vehicle on a security bearing had taken place (i.e., the run flat tire had been actuated).        

               Appellants have recognized that interference occurs with respect to detection of resonance modes                   

               lower than 100 Hz, and in particular between 10 and 20 Hz.  This is brought out in appellants’                     

               discussion of the Jones reference as admitted prior art in appellants’ specification (page 2).                     

               Specifically, prior art detection devices such as Jones which detect resonance modes at frequencies                

               between 10 and 20 Hz do not properly and accurately detect actuation of safety bearings in tires, since            

               an actuation detection may be due to other causes such as tire overload or road noise (specification,              

               pages 2 to 3).                                                                                                     

               September 4, 1996 (which stated that the amendment would be entered upon the filing of an appeal), and by the      
               notation, "OK to Enter, 9-2-96" and the examiner’s initials appearing on the amendment itself.                     

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