Ex parte BASSET et al. - Page 2

          Appeal No. 1997-2924                                                        
          Application No. 08/320,726                                                  

               The subject matter on appeal relates to an article of                  
          manufacture having at least one weld line such as an                        
          automobile fender made by injection molding via a composition               
          comprising a polyamide, a polypropylene and a resin                         
          compatibilization agent, for example, maleinized                            
          polypropylene.  Further details of this appealed subject                    
          matter are set forth in representative independent claim 1                  
          which reads as follows:                                                     
               1. An article of manufacture comprising per hundred parts              
          by weight a mixture of (i) 65 to 68 parts by weight of                      
          polyamide, (ii) 20 to 30 parts by weight of a polypropylene                 
          having a melt flow index, measured at 230EC/2.16 kg, lower                  
          than 0.5, and (iii) 4 to 8 parts by weight of a resin                       
          compatibilization agent selected from the group consisting of               
          maleinized polypropylene, maleinized polypropylene grafted                  
          with PA6, and maleinized polypropylene grated with PA66/12 and              
          including at least one weld line, wherein (a) the ratio of the              
          viscosities of the polyolefin (ii) to the polyamide (i),                    
          measured at a shear rate higher than 100 s , is greater than-1                                
          0.70, and (b) the quantity of polyamide (i) is sufficient for               
          the elongation at break of said article to be greater than                  
               The references relied upon by the examiner as evidence of              
          obviousness are:                                                            
          Fukui et al (Fukui)                5,206,284                Apr.            
          27, 1993                                                                    
          Glotin et al. (Glotin)(EP)    0 342 066                Nov. 15,             

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