Ex parte FEUCHT et al. - Page 4

          Appeal No. 1997-2925                                                        
          Application No. 08/378,838                                                  

          material.  Fog discloses that "[t]wo types of reactions may be              
          responsible for the monitoring of air pollutants using                      
          piezoelectric detectors," namely, reversible and nonreversible              
          reactions (page 2635, column 1).  In our view, Fog discloses                
          advantages and disadvantages of both types of reactions, and                
          limits the disclosure of an operable coating material to a                  
          particular unsaturated hydrocarbon polymer, 1,4-polybutadiene.              
          While Fog may provide an invitation for one of ordinary skill               
          in the art to explore other polymeric coatings which enter                  
          into nonreversible reactions with ozone, we do not find that                
          such an invitation is sufficient evidence of obviousness for                
          utilizing the polyarylene thioether disclosed by Strutz as a                
               In conclusion, based on the foregoing, the examiner's                  
          decision rejecting the appealed claims is reversed.                         

                         EDWARD C. KIMLIN              )                              
                         Administrative Patent Judge   )                              
                         TERRY J. OWENS                ) BOARD OF PATENT              

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