Ex parte HEIMBURGER et al. - Page 3

              Appeal No. 1997-3501                                                                                       
              Application No. 08/253,232                                                                                 

              Austen, “The Chromatographic Separation of Factor VIII on Aminohexyl Sepharose,”                           
              British Journal of Haemophilia, Vol 43, pp. 669-74 (1979).                                                 
              (Scopes), “Salting Out at High Salt Concentration,” Protein Purification: Principles and                   
              Practice, Scopes, Ed., pp. 43-52 (1982).                                                                   
              Wang et al. (Wang), “Parenteral Formulation of Proteins and Peptides: Stability and                        
              Stabilizers,” Journal of Parenteral Science and Technology, Vol 42, No. 25, pp. S3-S26                     
              (Harris), Protein purification methods: A practical approach, Harris, et al., Ed., IRL Press at            
              Oxford University Press, New York, NY, pp. 57-64 (1989).                                                   

                     In reaching our decision in this appeal, we have given careful consideration to the                 
              appellants’ specification and claims, to the applied prior art, and to the respective                      
              positions articulated by the appellants and the examiner on the record before us.   As a                   
              consequence of our review, we make the determinations which follow.                                        

                                               DECISION ON APPEAL                                                        
              Claim Interpretation                                                                                       
                     Our appellate reviewing court stated in Panduit Corp. v. Dennison Mfg. Co.,                         
              810 F.2d 1561, 1567-1568, 1 USPQ2d 1593, 1597 (Fed. Cir.), cert denied, 481 U.S.                           
              1052 (1987):                                                                                               


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