Ex parte EDWARDS et al. - Page 8

          Appeal No. 1997-3906                                                        
          Application No. 08/233,482                                                  

               12. A process for the low-temperature extrusion coating                
          of a substrate with a polyethylene film having a thickness of               
          at least about 0.0075mm, said process comprising applying a                 
          composition to at least one surface of said substrate by                    
          extrusion coating at a temperature in the range of 175E up to               
          290EC said composition comprising:                                          
                    (a) a polyethylene component having a melt index in               
          the            range of about 10 up to 100 dg per minute at                 
          190EC and           having a sufficiently broad molecular                   
          weight              distribution so that the resulting                      
          composition is           capable of being extrusion coated at a             
          temperature in           the range of 175EC up to 290EC,                    
                    (b) in the range of about 0.5 up to 15 weight                     
          percent,            based on the weight of the total of (a)                 
          plus (b), of a           hydrocarbon tackifying resin having a              
          RBSP in the range        of about 90E up to 150EC, and                      
                    (c) at least one thermally sensitive additive that                
          is        not sensitive at a point within the range of 175E to              
                    190EC [sic, 290EC] at relatively high loadings of                 
                    additives that      contain a sufficient amount of                
          volatiles           that create unsatisfactory imperfections at             
          relatively          high temperatures, and a concentration in               
          excess of           about 10 weight percent based on the total              
          wherein said        thermally sensitive additive is a                       
          hygroscopic or                hydrophilic additive.                         


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Last modified: November 3, 2007