Ex parte TAKEBAYASHI et al. - Page 6

               Appeal No. 1997-4121                                                                                                    
               Application No. 08/427,272                                                                                              

               connected.  Rather, it is a matter of whether continuous matching using a plurality of candidate feature                

               vectors is made or not.”  Mr. Shinoda also explains the “optional dwell time” of Bahler which is only                   

               related to how long each pattern in Bahler is permitted to be.  “This has nothing to do with whether the                

               recognition is ‘word spotting’ or not because the difference between ‘word spotting’ and ‘non-word                      

               spotting’ is not a matter of how long each pattern is permitted to be, rather it is a matter of whether or not          

               continuous matching using a plurality of candidate feature vectors is made.”                                            

                       The examiner’s response is merely to contend that Mr. Shinoda’s declaration “clearly contradicts                

               the plain teachings of patent 4,783,802...” (Answer-page 9).  When we weigh the evidence provided by                    

               the references and by Mr. Shinoda’s declaration against the examiner’s opinion that the cited references                

               clearly teach a word spotting scheme, we find for appellants.                                                           

                       Even if, arguendo, Bahler is somehow construed to disclose a word spotting scheme, it is not at all             

               apparent to us, how or why the artisan would have combined such a teaching with Takebayashi to arrive at                

               the instant claimed subject matter.                                                                                     

                       Moreover, even if a word spotting scheme was incorporated into Takebayashi, it is still not clear               

               how the limitation requiring the learning means to have a means for extracting feature vectors for learning             

               from the recognition results...” is met.  Clearly, this limitation refers to the connection, in Figure 2, of the        

               similarity decision unit, 8, to word feature vector extraction unit, 14.  Yet, Takebayashi, in Figure 1, shows          

               no such connection from the pattern matching section 18 to the learning section 22.  Accordingly, we find               


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Last modified: November 3, 2007