Ex parte COSKUN et al. - Page 5

          Appeal No. 1997-4128                                                        
          Application 08/354,699                                                      

          appellants’ claim limitations for storing “data required to                 
          recreate the event”.                                                        
          With respect to appellants’ argument that there is no                       
          suggestion or motivation to combine the references, the examiner            
          states “On the contrary, Padawer et al. suggests combining so that          
          the user can, trace or debug, and verify the accuracy of a                  
          program’s execution.”  The examiner contends that the combination           
          would have a high expectation of success since the events recorded          
          in Padawer are breakpoints which are described in both references           
          associated with controlling a program.                                      
          The examiner contends that Coplien discloses action objects,                
          such as the functions move, refresh or create in Figure 5, where            
          the methods that correspond to these action objects are shown as            
          “refresh(){…}” etc., or functions illustrated in Figure 4.  It is           
          urged that “Coplien et al. show an action slot in figure 5 for a            
          class window which defines events, such as, move, refresh and               
          create, to be performed by either of the XWindow or                         
          SunviewWindow”.  The examiner states that Padawer teaches                   
          activation objects.  In support of this position, the examiner              
          asserts that in column 9, lines 40-50, Padawer discloses that               
          debug commands stored as a record in debug tape 302 can activate            


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Last modified: November 3, 2007