Ex parte VAN DEN BROEK et al. - Page 5

          Appeal No. 1997-4442                                                         
          Application 08/353,040                                                       

          temperature dependence is eliminated (e.g., col. 4,                          
          lines 20-22).  De Wit discloses that the resistors are formed                
          by an n-well resistor (formed by n-well region 14) and a                     
          polysilicon resistor (formed by polysilicon layer 16), but                   
          states (col. 4, lines 23-29):  "The general concept can be                   
          expanded beyond an n-well resistor and a polysilicon                         
          resistor. . . .  In general, any two (or more) resistors which               
          have different temperature dependencies can be used."  De Wit                
          discloses a resistance value of 1350 S/square and a first                    
          order TCR of 5923.82 ppm/EC for R  and a resistance value of                 
          400 S/square and a first order TCR of -1725.9 ppm/EC for R2                  
          (col. 4, lines 6 and 9).  Thus, de Wit discloses first and                   
          second resistances having a difference of resistance values                  
          less than 10 and a difference in absolute values of the TCR of               
          less than 10.  Appellants' arguments that de Wit does not                    
          address maximum differences in resistance and the absolute                   
          values of TCR (Br5; RBr2, second para.) are not persuasive.                  
          De Wit's teaching of values within the claimed ranges of a                   
          maximum factor of 10 is sufficient to anticipate these                       

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